Erik Igelström


I’m a pianist (among other things) based in Glasgow. I am not a mandolin player based in Stockholm – that’s the other Erik Igelström.


I started out as a classical pianist, but these days most of what I do is jazz, rock and theatre music. I play piano (and sometimes organ) with The Gracious Losers, and you can hear a couple of albums on Spotify:

You can also hear my piano playing in some of these works by Samuel M Bradley:


I compose, arrange and orchestrate from time to time, but not as much as I would like. During the pandemic, the lovely Orchestration Online community gave me the impetus to do some orchestral arrangements of piano music:

I’m hoping to have more stuff online some day, but I also have a PhD to do, so yeah…

Theatre stuff

I’ve been doing musical directing for theatre (mainly community/amateur stuff) in Glasgow for years. I recently co-founded a small non-profit musical theatre company called Green Door Theatre, and we managed to put on one show before the pandemic put everything on pause.

I sometimes perform with singer Ciadhra McGuire as the cabaret duo Earnest & Wilde. After cutting our teeth doing short sets on the Glasgow cabaret scene, we wrote an hour-long show about the life and death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand – “Let’s Face the Music (and Franz)” – which we performed at Fringe Festivals in Adelaide, Edinburgh and Brighton in 2018–2019, getting some nice reviews and several awards. And then of course there was a pandemic, which made it hard to work together, but maybe in the future we’ll write something else.